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Sauna Room

Relaxation ahead

Did someone say Sauna? 

In Good Spirits Wellness Spa offers a 3-in-1 Salt Cave Sauna!  

The 3-in-1 Salt Cave sauna can comfortably accommodate two people. The sauna comes equipped with LED chromotherapy, Bluetooth sound system, full-spectrum heat including near, mid and far-infrared and Himalayan salt.

While relaxing, you will enjoy ergonomic back support and an ergonomic bench for more comfort. The wood in the sauna is hand-harvested Canadian White Cedar and is naturally antibacterial. The sauna also comes complete with Himalayan salt that helps create negative ions to help you relax and breathe deeper for a deeper healing experience. 


Your sauna experience not only offers health benefits, but a wonderful after wellness treat!


Enjoy the following health benefits when you book your sauna experience:


Skin rejuvenation

Improved heart function

Muscle recovery



Weight loss


Improved sleep

Stress relief 

Deeper breathing & more oxygen intake


The sauna can be booked for up to 45 minutes

1 person = $30

 2 people = $60 

Ready to book your relaxing sauna experience? Click on the link below! 

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